Bit By Bit Counting

Integrity checking of any file in a not trusted computer is difficult. In RFiC system this is simplified by simple algorithms in efficent way.

This project is an initial step to develop a tool to keep integrity of large files stored in remote not trusted or compromised systems and the local files. This tool can be used for remote system integrity checking and remotely stored data integrity checking. This system will be faster and take less bandwidth per test. The required information to store in integrity checking system is minimal. All existing solutions are time and storage intensive.

What RFiC Provide

An efficient protocol to verify remote file integrity on an not trusted host or local file with low error probabilities. It is found that this protocol is time and storage efficient in comparison to existing remote and local file integrity check protocols and secure against malicious intent. Further, the storage requirement is independent of the number of blocks of the file being verified per challenge.